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Join the CoSMOS network

An alumni network is an asset that grows over the years. As those who came before and passed through the gates pass on their batons to the younger ones who joined later, there is an immense sense of belonging and camaraderie that builds up.

This camaraderie has a pragmatic side to it as it gives the members a harness to a head start that sets one a path of self actualization. Often to reach higher a platform is needed. Those that walked the woods before, leave behind a path to be trodden with fewer unknown bends.

As students we have all had our dreams. From baking tasty cookies to flying rockets. Some came true and for some there was disillusionment, but even when we failed we often had that 'what if' moment. An alumni network has the potential of realizing those what ifs and ensuring that more dreams come true.

How to join?

We are streamlining the processes. For now drop an email to ac@cosmosnet.in or drsweta@cosmosnet.in and we will get back in touch with you.

You may also call us on the following numbers